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Centralized public procurement in healthcare 2020

According to the Order №589 of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (MoH) dated 28.02.2020 State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”  was authorised to procure medicines and medical devices for 14 among 38 state healthcare programmes. 

Since 2015 this function was attributed to the specialized international organizations, which purchased medicines and medical devices on behalf of the state. It 2020 it was for the first time the MPU performed procurements for the public funds in Ukraine. 

In 2020 SE "MPU" conducted procurements for the following areas:

  • Chemotherapeutic items, radiopharmaceuticals and accompanying items for the treatment of the cancer patients;
  • Medicines and medical devices for the treatment of children suffering from cancer and onco-hematological diseases (except for some laboratory reagents and supplies);
  • Medicines for adults, suffering from hemophilia (types A and B) or Willebrand disease;
  • Medicines for children, suffering from hemophilia (types A and B) or Willebrand disease;
  • Medicines and medical devices for healthcare facilities for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and vascular diseases;
  • Medical products for citizens suffering from idiopathic familial dystonia, spastic curvature, idiopathic oral-face dystonia;
  • Medicines for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis;
  • Emergency medications to stop bleeding;
  • Reagents for newborn screening for phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis and androgenic syndrome;
  • Medicines for the treatment of newborn’s respiratory disorders;
  • Medicines and small laboratory equipment for providing treatment of women’s infertility following the methods of assisted reproductive technologies;
  • Medications for children with cerebral palsy;
  • Anti-rhesus immunoglobulin to prevent hemolytic disease among newborns;
  • Medicines for antiretroviral therapy for adults, adolescents and children.

For the other areas the procurements had been done by the international specialized organizations. 

Apart from the aforementioned ares in 2020 SE "MPU" conducted procurements of the following goods:

  • medicines for COVID-19 treatment: Human normal immunoglobulin, IV 10% (10 727 pcs), Tocilizumab (3 064 pcs), Remdesivir (28 200 pcs);
  • protective shields (29 567 pcs), respirators (1 233 810 pcs) and gloves (4 793 880 pcs);
  • SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test (5 919 800 pcs);
  • 200 AVL equipment;
  • 161 computer tomography machines for regional ICU emergency rooms. 16 and 64 slice Siemens, General Electric, Canon, Hitachi machines;
  • disposable and non-disposable protective clothing (suites/scrabs) (2 942 575 pcs);
  • medical masks (26 647 040 pcs);
  • 416 ambulances of Class B (special sanitary transport) and Class C (Ambulance with Advanced Life Support), front (2x4) and all-wheel drive (4x4), for the total sum of UAH 728 mln. 246 ambulances on the basis of Citroen Jumper: 104 Class С (2х4) and 142 Class В (2х4); 56 ambulances of Class В (2х4)  on the basis pf Renault Master; 114 ambulances on the basis of Volkswagen Crafter: 75 ambulances of Class В (4х4) and 39 - Class С (4х4).
  • COVID-19 vaccines (namely 1,9 mln vials of CoronaVac).  

Learn more about our results in 2020 through Monitoring Report on the 2020 Procurement Cycle

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