Centralized public procurement in healthcare: stages and involved actors

State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” implements centralized procurement of medicines and medical devices within the public funds, allocated by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (MOH). The MOH also determins which areas and which items should be procured by the enterprise.    

In 2020, according to the Order №589 of the MOH dated 28.02.2020 the State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” was assigned to procure medicines and medical devices for 14 among 38 state healthcare programmes. 

In 2021State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” procured already for 19 areas.

The process of the centralized public procurement in healthcare is complex, as it includes variours stakeholders at each of the stage of the process. The process itself is regulated by the relevant Laws of Ukraine and legislative acts, one of which is the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №298. In general, the procurement cycle is the following:

The information on the procedures can be tracked with the MPU's own IT solutions. Namely, we have created a chat bot in Telegram and a business analytical system (BI) in Tableu where everyone can easily access our data (UKR language only). 

With their help you can learn more on the following:

  • which medicines that MPU procures for patients for the public funds;
  • availability of medicines and medical devices in healthcare facilities;
  • planned delivery schedule;
  • statuses of the procurement procedures.

You can also find information on our procedures on our dashboards. You can access these instruments following the links here: 

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