Centralized public procurement in healthcare: stages and involved actors

State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” implements centralized procurement of medicines and medical devices within the public funds, allocated by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (MOH). The MOH also determins which areas and which items should be procured by the enterprise.

In 2020 we procured medicines and medical devices for 14 among 38 state healthcare areas.
In 2021 - for 19 areas.
In 2022 we privide procurement for 26 areas

Our procurements are regulated by the relevant Laws of Ukraine and legislative acts, one of which is the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №298. During the Martial law, public procurements can take place without the use of the Prozorro system. Read more about our procurements during the Martial law here.

The procurement cycle is the following:


State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" 

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