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Online catalogue for procurement of medicines and medical goods (Е-catalogue) in Prozorro Market - is a quick and convenient instrument that allows procuring entities, primarily small regional healthcare centers, to order quickly, conveniently and without bureaucratic burden, standardized medicines and products on the online store principle. Currently, it can be used for the purchase for less than 50 thousand UAH (according to the latest edition of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” dated 19 April 2020), however, this sum will soon be increased by the respective decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine up to 200 thousand UAH. Currently, there are more than 200 thousand companies registered in the system. In the real-time they have a possibility to communicate with the clients and discuss all the details of the deals. 

SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” is recognized as an administrator of the E-catalogues. This means that MPU creates the structure of the catalogue, fills it in with the profiles of the items, performs qualification of the suppliers and analyzes adequacy of their proposals through the managing system.     

Prozorro Market consists of categories and profiles. The category is defined according to state code DK 021-2015, ie "33600000-6 Pharmaceutical products". Meaning this is one category. A profile is a specific description of the subject, all products that meet the requirements of the profile can be offered in the corresponding profile. The participant must once confirm his/her compliance with the qualification requirements within the category, and submit a separate proposal/proposals for each profile.

Description of the profiles for the pharmaceutical products

Description of the profiles for the medical materials

Why it is profitable for the business representatives to work through Prozorro Market:

  • it is a simple way to sell goods to state customers; 
  • it is a new large market; 
  • all deals are finalized faster and without bureaucratic burden; 
  • additional advertisement for the company;
  • long-term cooperation with the consumers; 
  • remote closing of the deal, which is rather actual in the times of COVID-19.  

State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" 

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