Arsen Zhumadilov
Arsen ZhumadilovGeneral Manager[email protected]
Edem Adamanov
Edem AdamanovDeputy GM on Supplies Management
Alona Zhuzha
Alona ZhuzhaDeputy General Manager for Business Analyses and IT
Tetiana Kharchenko
Tetiana KharchenkoDeputy General Manager for Stakeholder Engagement, Communications and Client Service
Dmytro Bihunets
Dmytro BihunetsDeputy General Manager for Anti-corruption and Compliance[email protected]

Compliance Unit

Stanislav Ivakhnenko
Stanislav IvakhnenkoSpecialist

Category Management Department

Mariia Morozova
Mariia MorozovaDepartment Head
Vladyslav Pavlenko
Vladyslav Pavlenko Deputy Head
Kateryna Nekrasova
Kateryna Nekrasova Deputy Head
Oksana Makutsevych
Oksana MakutsevychSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Oleksandr Vdovin
Oleksandr VdovinMiddle Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Iryna  Revenko
Iryna RevenkoMiddle Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Pavlo Kahaniuk
Pavlo KahaniukPharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Maryna Kucher
Maryna KucherSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Viktoria Turenko
Viktoria Turenko Senior Specialist on Registration Support of Medicines and Medical Devices
Oksana Mishchenko
Oksana MishchenkoSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Andriy Kuzyo
Andriy KuzyoSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Yuliia Shevchuk
Yuliia ShevchukSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst
Yana Stakhovska
Yana StakhovskaSenior Pharmaceutical Market Research Analyst

Public Procurement Department

Serhii Omelianchuk
Serhii OmelianchukDepartment Head
Artur Shavalieiev
Artur ShavalieievDeputy Department Head
Mykyta Chichkan
Mykyta ChichkanDeputy Department Head
Halyna Zalizniak
Halyna ZalizniakSenior Procurement Specialist
Svitlana Shvaika
Svitlana ShvaikaSenior Procurement Specialist
Natalia Gnatyuk
Natalia GnatyukSenior Procurement Specialist
Kyrylo Tsybin
Kyrylo Tsybin Procurement Specialist
Mariia Panasyuk
Mariia Panasyuk Procurement Specialist
Daryna Bondar
Daryna Bondar Middle Procurement Specialist
Inna Haiova
Inna Haiova Middle Procurement Specialist
Yulia Karnauh
Yulia KarnauhProcurement Specialist

Contract Management Department

Sergii Zabolotnyi
Sergii ZabolotnyiDepartment Head
Vladyslav Zhelieznyi
Vladyslav ZhelieznyiSenior Contracts Specialist
Oksana Ivakhnenko
Oksana IvakhnenkoSenior Contracts Specialist
Mykyta Pronskyi
Mykyta PronskyiMiddle Contracting Specialist
Valentyna Osinska
Valentyna Osinska Senior Contracting Specialist

Logistics Department

Oleg Klots
Oleg KlotsHead of Logistics Department
Yulia Demchenko
Yulia DemchenkoSenior Logistics Specialist
Kateryna Samokhvalova
Kateryna Samokhvalova Middle Logistics Specialist
Yulia Popova
Yulia PopovaMiddle Logistics Specialist
Artem Vdovychenko
Artem VdovychenkoLogistics Specialist
Tkalenko Viktoria
Tkalenko ViktoriaMiddle Logistics Specialist
Anna Lyba
Anna LybaLogistics Specialist
Oleksandra Tuz
Oleksandra TuzLogistics Specialist
Anna Chopenko
Anna ChopenkoLogistics Specialist

Operational Analytics Department

Anna Horb
Anna HorbHead of the Department
Yevhen Huba
Yevhen HubaMonitoring Specialist
Serghii Zinchenko
Serghii Zinchenko Senior Monitoring Specialist

IT Development Department

Igor Lysenko
Igor LysenkoHead of the Department
Oleksander Garnazhenko
Oleksander GarnazhenkoSoftware Engineer
Viktor Naumenko
Viktor NaumenkoAdvisor of the enterprise efficiency
Yurii Bondarenko
Yurii Bondarenko Develop and test software specialist

Software Department

Oleksii Shevchenko-Korzhenetskyi
Oleksii Shevchenko-Korzhenetskyi Software Specialist
Viktor Yunoshev
Viktor YunoshevSoftware Engineer
Yelyzaveta Nechytailo
Yelyzaveta NechytailoSoftware Specialist

IT Support Department

Katerina Shmatkova
Katerina ShmatkovaInformation and Software Processing Operator
Alexei Zaets
Alexei Zaets Networks Infrastructure Specialist
Volodymyr Saveliev
Volodymyr SavelievАpplication programmer

Legal Unit

Oleksandr Fesenko
Oleksandr FesenkoDepartment Head
Viktor Larin
Viktor LarinLegal Advisor
Natalia Volkova
Natalia VolkovaLegal Advisor

Human Resources Department

Oryna Kurylo
Oryna KuryloSpecialist
Olena Darmostuk
Olena Darmostuk HR Administrator

Department of the Documentary Support

Ismail Khalikov
Ismail KhalikovDepartment Head
Yana Kravchun
Yana KravchunDesk Officer [email protected]

Nataliya Stolyar
Nataliya StolyarSafety Engineer
Olesia Shatkivska
Olesia ShatkivskaOffice Manager

Accounting and Reporting Department

Tetiana Babinska
Tetiana BabinskaDepartment Head - Chief Accountant
Olga Prokopenko
Olga ProkopenkoSenior Accountant
Oksana Kandaurova
Oksana KandaurovaSenior Accountant
Oksana Batrak
Oksana BatrakAccountant
Olha Balashova
Olha BalashovaAccountant

Budget Planning & Control Department

Oksana Babushok
Oksana BabushokHead of Unit
Yelyzaveta Mostova
Yelyzaveta MostovaSenior Budget Expert
Yuriy Podoshva
Yuriy PodoshvaBudget Expert
Olena Muntianu
Olena MuntianuBudget Expert

Treasury Unit

Olena Pecheniuk
Olena PecheniukSenior Accountant Responsible for Banking Operations
Anastasiya Kovalchuk
Anastasiya KovalchukAccountant Responsible for Banking Operations

Client Service Unit

Karina Puhachova
Karina PuhachovaSenior Specialist

International Relationships

Iryna Shevchuk
Iryna Shevchuk Head of Unit

Public Relationships

Daria Lypovchenko
Daria LypovchenkoHead of Unit
Angelina Kovanda
Angelina KovandaPR specialist

State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" 

+380 63 651 90 25

[email protected]

22 Khreshchatyk Str., 2nd floor, Kyiv, 01001



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