August 2021: facts and figures of activity of the State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine"

Logistics. In August, the State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” received 9 deliveries of medicines and medical devices purchased last year in the amount of UAH 230 million. In total, since the beginning of the year, our specialists have received 390 deliveries under the centralized programs of the Ministry of Health for 2020. The total value of the received deliveries is UAH 4.46 billion. Thus, we received 96% of the goods purchased last year.

In total, the Ministry of Health delivered medicines and medical products worth UAH 4.26 billion to regional health departments and health care facilities. 92% of medicines and medical devices purchased at the expense of 2020 were delivered to final recipients.

MPU continues to receive goods purchased centrally in 2021. As of the end of August, deliveries in the amount of UAH 22.8 million were received. Also in August, the delivery of medicines and medical devices, which were centrally purchased at the expense of 2021, began. Regional departments and health facilities received 7.76 million worth of goods, including pediatric, adult oncology and idiopathic familial dystonia.

Anti-corruption activities and compliance. 11 unique suppliers in 28 purchases were tested and qualified. Qualified 73 new suppliers for the medical part of the e-catalog Prozorro Market. 64 winners of procurement procedures for concluding contracts were qualified, 3 winning suppliers were disqualified because they did not submit documents within the specified period. 18 winners in negotiation procedures are qualified. 3 job candidates were checked.

Procurement procedures 2021. As of the end of August, contracts for the purchase of 233 INNs worth UAH 1.65 billion have been concluded for the centralized procurement of drugs and medical devices for 2021. 25 positions are in the process of concluding agreements, procedures for another 283 positions are underway.

Procedures for the purchase of ambulances and stationary angiographic X-ray systems have begun. In 2021, the State Enterprise MPU plans to purchase 325 ambulances of type B (standard ambulance) all-wheel drive and 297 ambulances of type C (resuscitation vehicle) all-wheel drive and 24 angiographic systems.

Supervisory Board. In August, the period of submission of documents for competitive selection of members of the Supervisory Board of the State Enterprise MPU ended. As a result, an international recruitment company will form a shortlist of candidates by September 13. The final composition of the Supervisory Board (5 independent members) will be approved by the Nomination Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Digitization. Our IT team has joined the process of creating COVID certificates in the "Diya" application. In particular, "Diya" uses data on vaccines obtained from the electronic health care system (EHCS). In turn, the EHCS receives information about available vaccines from the information-analytical system of the State Enterprise MPU - MedData (

A new dashboard was also created based on our business intelligence (BI) system. It contains information on all suppliers with which MPU cooperated in the framework of centralized procurement in 2020 and 2021 (

More than 1,500 unique users searched for information in the Telegram-bot of the State Enterprise MPU ( Most often, they were interested in data on residues of medicines and medical devices in hospitals. This information can also be found using the BI system of the State Enterprise MPU ( Using these tools, you can get information about the status of procurement procedures and deliveries.

Development of Prozorro Market. Within the administration of the medical part of the electronic catalog Prozorro Market, 170 agreements worth UAH 1.3 million were concluded. In August, 91 public customers used a medical e-catalog for procurement.

Customer service. In August, our specialists visited the Zaporizhia region. During the trip, they visited 5 tertiary, secondary and primary health care facilities in the region to discuss the course of health care reform in the region, as well as to improve patients' access to quality and free treatment and medicines.

On August 13, the first meeting of the advisory group of the State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" in the field of "Medicines and medical devices for health care facilities to ensure the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases" took place. 20 doctors will work in this direction on a volunteer basis. Similar groups will be formed in all areas, which were brought to the purchase of the State Enterprise MPU in 2021.

Team. In August, 3 specialists joined the MPU. From now on our team has 84 people. To improve the skills and qualifications of our team, internal trainings are held weekly, including with the invitation of external experts.

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