MPU becomes the only centralized procurement agency in the field of health care

From 2023, international organizations will not purchase medicines and medical products. Medical procurement of Ukraine becomes the only centralized procurement agency in the field of health care in Ukraine.

Still they have to supply the goods that were purchased earlier. In particular, we expect deliveries of vaccines, medical products for transplantation, treatment of epidermolysis bullosa, etc. 

"Since 2015, as part of the health care system reform, centralized procurement of medical goods has been transferred to international procurement organizations. This was a temporary solution until Ukraine created a national agency capable of combating widespread corruption in public medical procurement," says Edem Adamanov, acting general manager of the MPU.

According to him, MPU starting from 2020, MPU purchased via the funds of the state budget: "During this time, we managed to save more than UAH 5 billion. Therefore, taking into account the positive experience of the MPU, it was decided to transfer all centralized procurement to our institution". 

In addition, part of the medical products that the MPU previously purchased centrally will be transferred for reimbursement in 2023. These are medicines for patients in the pre- and post-transplantation period and consumables for determining blood glucose.

Instead, medical goods to meet public health needs will be purchased by international partners who want to support Ukraine in this way. We are talking about antiretroviral therapy, supportive replacement therapy, medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis, test systems for diagnosing HIV and tuberculosis.

In 2023 MPU will purchase via 24 areas:  

  • Chemotherapy medicines, radiopharmaceuticals and medicines that support treatment of cancer patients
  • Medicines and small laboratory equipment to ensure the treatment of infertility in women through assisted reproductive technologies
  • Medicines to for adults with type A or B haemophilia or Willebrand's disease
  • Medicines for children with  type A or B haemophilia or Willebrand's disease;
  • Medicines for citizens with cystic fibrosis
  • Reagents for the mass screening of newborns for phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis and congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • Medical devices for citizens suffering from epidermolysis bullosa
  • Medical devices for citizens suffering from idiopathic dystonia, torticollis, idiopathic oromandibular dystonia
  • Medicines for patients with infectious diseases accompanied by a high mortality rate
  • Medicines and medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of citizens suffering from viral hepatitis B and C
  • Medicines for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Medicines for children with cerebral palsy
  • Medicines and medical devices for the treatment of children with oncological and oncohematological diseases and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells for children and adults
  • Medicines for the treatment of citizens suffering from a resistant form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Medicines for citizens with primary immunodeficiencies
  • Medicines for citizens suffering from orphan metabolic diseases
  • Medicines for children with dwarfism of various origins
  • Endoprostheses and implant kits
  • Medicines for children with mental & behavioural disorders from the autism spectrum, with schizophrenia, affective disorders, hyperkinetic disorders and epilepsy
  • Medicines and medical devices for healthcare facilities to provide treatment for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Medicines for citizens with pulmonary hypertension
  • Medical devices for development of blood donation and its components
  • Modernization and re-equipment of the material and technical base of the health care facilities
  • Immunobiological preparations for immunoprophylaxis of the population and products for ensuring the conditions of temperature control of immunobiological preparations and medical products (Anatoxin for the prevention of diphtheria and tetanus with reduced antigen content (ADP-M), Vaccine for the prevention of measles, mumps and rubella, Polio vaccine (oral).

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