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State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” (SE “MPU”) - only national agency that ensures centralized procurement of quality medicines and medical devices for the state funds. SE “MPU” was established on October 25, 2018. The SE “MPU” is state-owned and is within the field of management of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

Is strategically important for the state economy, as per the financial reporting the total value of the assets at the end of 2020 amounted more than UAH 2 bln. 

The aim of the agency is to ensure transparent, effective, competitive system of medical procurement with simultaneous cost-effective usage of the taxpayers' money

Preconditions for establishment  

In 2015 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) introduced the procurement of medicines and medical devices through the involvement of specialized international organizations. This decision aimed to be temporary up till Ukraine establishes its own national agency. Such a body should have the capacity to procure medical items and fight the widespread corruption, which existed in the state medical procurement before 2015. 

It was determined that the Ministry of Health implements only the policy making function and would not interfere in the procurement function. 

Taking into account the experience and the practices introduced by international specialized organizations, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of August 23, 2017 passed the Decree No. 582-р (with amendments made under the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of September 26, 2018 No. 720-р) on approval of the Concept of Reforming Procurement of Medicines and Medical Products, Assistive Products, Other Medical Goods, one of the provisions of which anticipated establishment of the national strategic procurement agency in healthcare. 


SE “MPU” was created on October 25, 2018. 

The main aim of the agency is to ensure transparent, qualified, and effective procurement of the medicines and medical devices, and to become the center of the procurement expertise in the field of medical goods. With time SE “MPU” had to to take over procurement in all areas in which they were carried out by international agencies.   

SE “MPU”  also had to institutionalized the division of functions between the MoH (policy-making) and the national procurement agency (execution of the policy). As the concentration of these responsibilities in one body, as it was the case previously, creates potential possibilities for abuse of powers.

Year 2019

SE “MPU” prepared for procurements: our team took over the experience of global specialized procurement agencies, met with the suppliers and manufacturers, prepared proposals for the regulatory framework, prepared tender documentation, created an information and analytical system MedData, expanded the team. 

In 2019, following the order of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine, for the money of the Global Fund, SE “MPU” conducted 43 tender procedures, including the ones in the Prozorro system. 

The estimated budget for these procurements was 94 mln UAH. The effective budget, after all tender procedures was 58 mln UAH. This means that MPU managed to save 38% of the costs, almost 36 mln UAH. 

Year 2020 рік

Centralized procurement of medicines and medical devices 

In 2020 SE “MPU” procured medicines under the centralized state programmes of the MoH of Ukraine from the first time. The number of areas accounted to 14 from 38, 489 positions amounted to UAH 5,9 bln. For the other areas procurements continued to be done through the international organizations. 

Due to the quality work of the SE “MPU” 130 unique participants took part in the procedures, manufacturers and distributors, residents and non-residents. 

As a result of these procurements SE “MPU” reached up to UAH 1,08 bln of savings or 21,5% of the taxpayers’ money. All together SE “MPU” procured 349 INNs for UAH 3,7 bln. 

The most cost effective procurements took place within the adult cancer, oncohematology and kidney cancer (41.67% savings of funds), respiratory disorders of the newborns (61.6% savings of funds), immunoglobulin (45.13% savings of funds), bleedings (51.86% savings of funds). 

SE “MPU” managed to receive lower prices than the international organizations, which procured the same medicines before. In particular, 23 among 374 medicines were procured with the savings of more than 50%, 89 INNs with the savings of more than 20%. In general SE “MPU” managed to procure more cost-effectively than the international organizations as per 204 items among 362, which were available for comparison.

Procurement of the items for protection against COVID-19 

In 2020, following the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SE “MPU” procured the following items amounted UAH 4,9 bln:

  • medicines for COVID-19 treatment: Human normal immunoglobulin, IV 10% (10 727 pcs), Tocilizumab (3 064 pcs), Remdesivir (28 200 pcs);
  • protective shields (29 567 pcs), respirators (1 233 810 pcs) and gloves (4 793 880 pcs);
  • SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test (5 919 800 pcs);
  • 200 AVL equipment;
  • 161 computer tomography machines for regional ICU emergency rooms. 16 and 64 slice Siemens, General Electric, Canon, Hitachi machines;



  • disposable and non-disposable protective clothing (suites/scrabs) (2 942 575 pcs);
  • medical masks (26 647 040 pcs);
  • 416 ambulances of Class B (special sanitary transport) and Class C (Ambulance with Advanced Life Support), front (2x4) and all-wheel drive (4x4), for the total sum of UAH 728 mln. 246 ambulances on the basis of Citroen Jumper: 104 Class С (2х4) and 142 Class В (2х4); 56 ambulances of Class В (2х4)  on the basis pf Renault Master; 114 ambulances on the basis of Volkswagen Crafter: 75 ambulances of Class В (4х4) and 39 - Class С (4х4).








Procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine CoronaVac

On December 30, 2020 SE "MPU" concluded an agreement on the procurement of 1 913 316 vials of the vaccine against COVID-19 CoronaVac. Producer of the vaccine - the company Sinovac Biotech. An agreement is concluded with the official distributor of the producer in Ukraine, which has the exclusive representative agreement. The cost of the deal was UAH 964 mln. This is the first Ukraine’s agreement for the procurement of the vaccine against COVID-19. The agreement is public and was published in Ukrainian procurement system Prozorro. This is one of the rare cases in the world when the agreement for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine is disclosed. There was a violation of the terms of deliveries of the vaccines, therefore, SE “MPU” started charging fines and submitted the case to the court.



In 2020 the overall procurement budget of the SE “MPU” was UAH 10 bln, whereas the agency managed to save UAH 2,95 bln of the taxpayers' funds on its procedures.  

Monitoring Report on the 2020 Procurement Cycle

Year 2021

In 2021, according to the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine № 32 from 12.01.2021 (with amendments), SE "MPU" will perform procurements of medicines and medical devices for 19 areas, namely 603 positions amounting UAH 7,2 bln.

Before the beginning of the procedures, within the market consultations, SE “MPU” hold the procurement forum for more than 200 potential participants of the procedures.

International relations

SE “MPU” is the member of the network PPRI (the Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information (PPRI). PPRI relates to networks of competent authorities for pricing and reimbursement, as well as to the activities done by GÖG which maintains the PPRI network and serves as PPRI secretariat. Also, SE “MPU” cooperates with the World Health Organization, USAID within the project USAID Ukraine project "Safe, Affordable and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians" (SAFEMed), as well as USAID Ukraine /UK aid TAPAS Project ect.

Independence of the work of the SE “MPU” was highlighted by multiple international partners of Ukraine. Namely, it was included into the IMF memorandum with Ukraine dated 02.06.2020 under the stand-by programme, as well as in the Memorandum between Ukraine and the EU on provision of the extraordinary macro financial assistance as of 25.08.2020.

Anti-corruption policy

It is impossible to build up transparent and efficient procurement of medicines and medical devices without a strong anti-corruption policy. The basis of the company's anti-corruption policy is a set of anti-corruption tools, in particular:

  • Compliance check of the contractors;
  • Anti-corruption control at all stages of the procurement;
  • Managing conflict of interest;
  • Integrity checks of the candidates and acting staff members;
  • Anti-corruption expertise of the agreements and internal documents;
  • Trainings on the anti-corruption legislation for the staff.  

The staff is guided by the national anti-corruption legislation as well as the internal documents:

Since 2021 SE “MPU”’s counterparts will undertake anti-corruption educational course and testing in the e-Cabinet of the Supplier in the MedData system.

Anti-corruption Report of the Enterprise for 2020 (UKR language).  

Informational and analytical system MedData

MedData - in-house IT solution of the SE “MPU”. It consolidates the following data:

  • Procurement procedures of the SE “MPU” with relevant references to tenders in the Prozorro system; 
  • Delivery schedules of the procured items to Ukraine and to the hospitals; 
  • Since March 2020 - it collects data from the healthcare facilities on the items to fight COVID-19. Namely, stocks and deliveries of PPEs, tests, medicines, vents etc. This information is being used by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Council on Defence and Security to analyze the current situation and plan activities to fight the disease. The number of facilities that submit information on the regular basis changes;  
  • Since February 2021 MedData collects information on the delivery, storage and transportation of the vaccines against COVID-19. It tracks how many doses of the vaccine had been delivered to each region and to the hospital as well as how many shot had been made, whether there were vials that were broken or spoiled. It also shows the availability of the vaccines in the warehouses and leftovers of the vaccine in each hospital and by the region. The data is updated daily from 4 national, 27 regional and 1159 local entities.  

The collected information is being visualized in:  

Other instruments are in the pipeline: SRM, e-Cabinet of the Supplier, digital workflow etc

Prozorro Market 

Online catalogue for procurement of medicines and medical goods (Е-catalogue) in Prozorro Market - is a quick and convenient instrument that allows public bodies, primarily small regional healthcare centers, to order quickly, conveniently and without bureaucratic burden, standardized medicines and products on the online store principle. It can be used for the purchase of pre-thereshold procurements for less than UAH 200 thousand.  

SE “MPU” is an administrator of the E-catalogues in its medical part. This means that SE “MPU” creates the structure of the catalogue, fills it in with the profiles of the items, performs qualification of the suppliers and analyzes adequacy of their proposals through the managing system.   

Strategic goals of profile activity 2021-2023

Ensuring effective procurement and supplies under the centralized programs of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The SE “MPU” makes efficient and effective procurements under state-funded programs of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as well as ensures effective management of timely delivery of the procured products.

Development of the information and analytical instruments of the SE “MPU”

The SE “MPU” is developing information and analytical instruments which might help to increase transparency in the field of medical procurement, ensuring access of stakeholders to the necessary information and enabling entities involved in the procurement process to employ high-quality managerial decisions.

Expansion of the scope of the procurement service provision to other public customers

The SE “MPU” strives to help other public customers to carry out effective procurement of medical items through the CPA instrument.

Key strategic initiatives for the 2021-2023 period

  • Establishment of the procurement hub – a full-cycle procurement agency
  • Implementation of advanced world practices and high professional activity standards within the SE “MPU”:
    • Improvement of the staff management system;
    • Corruption prevention and compliance;
  • Establishment of communication with the key stakeholders and the SE brand management:
    • Communication with international partners
    • The SE “MPU” brand management 

State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" 

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