Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board - one of the most important elements in controlling transparent and effective work of the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”. Creation of such body enables the division of the controlling and supervisory functions between the Ministry of Healthcare (MoH) and the Supervisory Board.       

It is planned that Supervisory Board will include experts in the field of healthcare and procurement. Supervisory Board should be formed from 7 members: 5 independent ones, which will be selected as the result of an open selection process, and 2 members to be appointed by the Ministry of Healthcare. 

Creation of the Supervisory Board, which is empowered to play its important role in the functioning of the MPU, corresponds to the best practices of the management of the state enterprises. 

Why is it important for the MPU to have an independent and professional Supervisory Board? 

  • MPU’s operational budget for this year is 14,8 bln UAH. Supervisory board controls transperancy and efficiency of MPU’s work, will provide independent supervision over the expenditures;  
  • Members of the Supervisory Board will strengthen the work of the MPU with their knowledge and experience. It is planned that the Board will include top-tier professionals in the field of procurement, healthcare, finances and management;
  • Functioning of the Supervisory Board with the real responsibilities corresponds to the best world practice of the management of state enterprises. Particularly, international standards of OECD, Guidelines on Corporate Governance of SOEs;
  • Members of the Supervisory Board will transform the system of state medical procurement together with our team. This is the social value that we will create together.

Selection of the members of the Supervisory Board 

On May 27, 2021, the newly appointed Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liaschko signed the Order which cancelled the previous Orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine regarding the process of selection of the SE "MPU"'s Supervisory Board.  

Namely, MoH’s Order dated October 6, 2020, № 2268, Order dated October 7, 2020, № 2272 and Order sated April 30, 2021 №848. All of them were related to the process of selection and creation of the Supervisory Board of SE "MPU" and were cancelled as they violated the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №142. Thus, the selection process for the Supervisory Board of SE "MPU" is to be restarted.

Other regulatory documents

Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as the managing body of the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”, launched the process of the creation of the Supervisory Board of the agency on 4 August 2020 following the Order № 1781 “On the creation of the Supervisory Board of the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”. The document that regulates the work of the Supervisory Board was approved by the Order of the MoH dated 28 September 2020 року № 2211

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