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How business can profit from cooperating with SE MPU

Exemption from VAT on transactions which include:

  • import into Ukraine’s customs territory;
  • supply within Ukraine’s customs territory; 
  • supply (transfer) of medical products and medical devices which are included in the list of medical items to be procured for the public funds. 

Possibility to deliver in the international packing:

  • with pre-registration delivery is possible in foreign packaging. 

Exemption from tax differences:

  • operations of the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” are excluded from tax differences in case the purchase and transfer of the medical products is taking place directly to the entities that are non VAT payers.

Simplified registration of medicines for the winners of our tenders if they are:

  • registered in SRA countries (recognition - 7 days, free);
  • regardless of the country of registration (full examination - 30 working days);
  • supply to the retail.

State Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" 

+38 (067) 134 42 81

7 Klovsky descent, Kyiv, 01021

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