The MPU procured equipment for forensic medical examination

For the first time, the Medical Procurement of Ukraine (MPU), commissioned by the Ministry of Health, has centrally procured 115 units of laboratory equipment for conducting forensic medical examinations.

All the equipment, with a total value of 281 million UAH, is expected to be delivered at the beginning of 2024. The procurement budget amounted to 357.7 million UAH, but due to competition, the actual cost came to 281.3 million UAH. This means that the MPU managed to save approximately 76.4 million UAH.

Specifically, this includes three toxicological analyzers with a total value of 167.7 million UAH. They are designed for conducting in-depth analysis of toxic substances, allowing the detection of even the lowest concentrations in a person's body, fingerprints, etc.

Also, the MPU procured:

  • five DNA genetic analyzers/sequencers for the analysis of DNA fragments;
  • two gas chromatographs for separating and detecting chemical components in a mixture;
  • five DNA extraction systems for isolating DNA;
  • five microscopes and machines for histological tissue processing, and so on. 

"Nowadays, the process of reforming forensic medical expertise is underway. We are building a centralized network of institutions under the Ministry of Health's management. The final decisions and resolutions of complex issues, especially during wartime, depend on the findings of forensic experts. Therefore, both existing and new laboratories will be provided and equipped with modern facilities. These will include stationary laboratories at the regional level, as well as two so-called interregional laboratories, which will conduct toxicological examinations. This will ensure the conformity of expertise with international legal requirements and allow us to submit research as evidence to international judicial authorities, investigate crimes against humanity, and prevent the distortion of history," emphasized Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister and Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, due to the war, new demands and needs arise in our healthcare sector. This time, as part of the MOH-initiated reorganization of the forensic medical service, the MPU has acquired modern innovative equipment. It is highly essential for forensic experts to conduct high-quality analysis and identify the deceased. The fact that we promptly identify and address such needs demonstrates that even in crisis conditions, we have the potential and opportunities for development," added Edem Adamanov, General Manager of the MPU.  

As previously reported, the MPU has purchased vaccines for vaccinating children against serious diseases.

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