Transformation into a full-cycle agency: a branch of Medical Supply was established at the MPU

The State Enterprise of the Ministry of Health "Ukrmedpostach" has been reorganized and officially merged with the Medical Procurement of Ukraine as a branch. This way, the MPU has acquired its own warehouse facilities.

According to the MPU general manager Edem Adamanov, this is a step towards transforming the MPU into a full-cycle agency, which will significantly improve the provision of necessary medical products for Ukrainians.

"We are globally shifting focus from procurement procedures to ensuring medicine availability in every region of Ukraine. Currently, we mostly dispatch medicines according to the demand submitted by hospitals once a year. However, starting from next year, we are changing our approach. We will monitor the level of availability and supply medical goods in small batches so that there is always an optimal stock of medicines at the healthcare facility level. Therefore, it is crucial for hospitals to provide timely information about the stocks of medical goods and their usage," said Edem Adamanov.

Andriy Tokarchuk, project coordinator for the reorganization of Ukrmedpostach, became the head of the new branch. 

The next steps include renovating the premises, upgrading the warehouse, and further enhancing business processes in accordance with the best international practices. Currently, the warehouse has the capacity to accommodate 669 full-capacity pallets and includes approximately 50 cold storage chambers with various temperature regimes for storage.

The reorganization process took place with the support of USAID and the project "Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians" (SAFEMed).

For reference. In 2022, at the initiative of the Ministry of Health, the reorganization of 'Ukrmedpostach' commenced. This process was one of the key points of the MPU's Development Strategy for 2021-2023.

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