ART and tuberculosis were excluded from the enumeration of the areas for which the SE "MPU" will proceed with the procurement

According to the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine №768 dated April 20, 2021 such areas as Antiretroviral therapy (ART) and tuberculosis were excluded from the enumeration of areas for which the SE "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" will proceed with the procurement in 2021.

We are ready to start procedures for the remaining 17 areas, which had been attributed to us in 2021. Their enumeration is regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare №32 as of January 12, 2021 (with amendments) and includes adult and youth oncology, adult and youth haemophilia multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, etc. We are waiting for the approval of all medical and technical requirements (MTR) sent to the Ministry of Health in order to proceed with the announcement of procedures.

Prior to the decision of the MOH, our team conducted thorough preparation for procurement in the areas of ART and tuberculosis. We carried out the following work:

  • analysed the market and agreed upon the categorical strategies for each area; 
  • 56 ToRs for the items were sent to the approval by the MOH of Ukraine, in line with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №298 (without considering positions for which the volume of the order is zero); 
  • 33 companies - potential participants of our procedures participated in the market consultations;
  • 190 explanations were given to the potential participants of the procedures taking into account peculiarities of the SE "MPU"'s procedures;
  • recommendations were provided to the MOH with regard to the changes to the enumerations of the medicines so that for the 3 items the competition during the procedures could be increased; 
  • recommendations were provided to the MOH with regard to the inclusion of 1 item to the enumeration of the medicines which can be transported to the territory of Ukraine without registration. 

With regards to the ART as of end of April 2021 we received 88% of the medicines which were procured by us in 2020 as well as 87% of the medicines were delivered to the regions. Deliveries took place within several months from the date of concluding the agreement. Previous years supplies for this area could last several years from the moment of placing the order by the state. 

We will continue developing the institutional capacities of the SE "MPU". The same as this years, in the next years we will be ready to procure medicines for such areas as ART and tuberculosis, in compliance with the acting legislation regarding the quality of the medicines and their certification. 

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