We protect Ukrainians` health: MPU has updated its visual style

Medical Procurement of Ukraine (MPU) presented a new visual style that demonstrates the mission and values of the enterprise.

According to Tetiana Kharchenko, deputy general manager of the MPU on Customer Experience Management and International Relations, the main task of Medical Procurement of Ukraine as a national agency is to ensure the functioning of an efficient and cost-effective medical supply system in Ukraine.

At the same time, Tetiana Kharchenko noted that the ultimate goal for the MPU team has always been the availability of high-quality medicines and medical products for all Ukrainians.

"We understand the importance of the stable medical supply for Ukraine citizens, which has become even more crucial during the time of war. Therefore, Medical Procurement of Ukraine constantly implements new effective solutions for effective and transparent procurement to ensure an access to high-quality medicines and medical products for Ukrainians", - emphasized Tetiana Kharchenko.

She also noted that, for this purpose, MPU adopts the best world experience and practices, cooperates with international partners, and develops its own IT solutions: "We work every day to improve the quality and length of life of every Ukrainian. This is what inspires and motivates us to move forward every day, overcoming all challenges and obstacles".

According to Tetiana, caring for the life and health of Ukrainians is exactly the idea that Medical Procurement of Ukraine wanted to provide with the new graphic design: "With the new visual style, we tell Ukrainians that we are here for them, we understand and care for them, they can trust us. We hope that society will feel this message", - summarized Tetiana Kharchenko.

In addition to the visual style, MPU also updated the communication strategy, which reflects the company's strategy, its value priorities and key directions of development.

Medical Procurement of Ukraine is a national agency that ensures the functioning of an efficient and cost-effective medical supply system in Ukraine.

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