IT developments of the Medical Procurement of Ukraine

The state enterprise "Medical procurement of Ukraine" has developed its IT capability. It constantly produces technological solutions to meet internal production needs and extends the national medical digital infrastructure.

The IT architecture of the MPU consists of three interconnected and mutually complementary large systems: MedData, e-Stock, and MedSupply. The last two are currently under development. They will significantly enhance the work of the MPU and the interaction of other stakeholders in the healthcare sector (Ministry of Health of Ukraine, healthcare facilities, suppliers, logistics partners, etc.).


The MedData system is the leading information and analytical tool of the MPU to manage the state procurement of medicines and medical devices today. Among its functions are collecting and aggregating data from various institutions to launch internal business processes, conducting auctions and managing purchases, and communicating with suppliers to conclude contracts and delivery schedules. MedData collects as much information as possible and distributes it to other processing systems.

MedData will transfer some functionality to the e-Stock system, which is currently under development and further described in the IT digest.

MedData will serve as a source of data collection regarding essential processes such as:

  • monitoring the vaccination campaign;
  • the announcement, supplementation, and procurement;
  • coordination of delivery schedules with suppliers.

The MPU team improves the efficiency of the procurement process by aggregating data in a single system.


e-Stock will serve as a central electronic system for managing the stocks of medicines and medical devices, which will function according to the principle of public-private partnership. The system will focus on all stages of the life chain of the supply of medicines and medical products, from collecting and calculating the need according to the nomenclature to accounting in health care facilities and inventory. In addition, the system will ensure the effective collection of demands, procurement, monitoring, and management of residuals in hospitals in Ukraine.


The MedSupply system will be used to control the logistic processes of the MPU. It will evolve as a logistics workplace, powered by data obtained from MedData and e-Stock, and complementing them with a logistics context. MedSupply will be used by logistics specialists of the MPU once a contract with a supplier and a supply schedule are in place. Currently, this data passes through the logistics partner of the MPU or is recorded manually. MedSupply unifies, standardizes, and automates the work of the logistics specialist in terms of supporting the implementation and management of the contract.

"The MPU's IT team's main task is developing tools to make analytically based decisions in the health care field. Suppose we have the opportunity and ability to provide a high-quality solution from one side and request such a solution from the other side. In that case, we consider the possibility of its implementation. MedData appeared just like that. And for the same reason, we decided to develop e-Stock and MedSupply. Each of them plays an essential role in achieving the maximum efficiency of the procurement process. After the development of these systems is completed and integrated into the overall IT landscape, they will help to manage better the procurement, supply, and accounting of medicines and medical devices, thereby improving the customer experience of patients. The important thing is that they do not duplicate but complement and enhance each other, creating a single holistic ecosystem of the national medical digital infrastructure", - said Alona Zhuzha, Deputy GM on IT Development of the MPU. 

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